Together, we have accomplished a lot during the last twelve years. With your help, our focus on quality instruction has improved test scores at all high schools and within all ethnic groups. All freshman and sophomore students are now enrolled by default to take “A-G,” college-qualifying curriculum. Graduation rates are now above both state and county averages with four out of five graduates attending college. The dropout rate has been reduced from 17.4% to 9.9%. We expect these trends to continue as we add additional counselors, improve our summer school programs and work cooperatively with our elementary school feeder districts in the East Side Alliance.

With shared sacrifice and out of the box thinking our district survived the worst recession since the great depression. We installed a 7.6 megawatt solar energy system, the largest at a school district in the country at the time, to save $43 million over 25 years. Taking advantage of low interest rates, we refinanced construction bonds saving over $22 million.

To make sure tax dollars are not wasted and to assure fiscal transparency we created an Audit Committee and hired an Internal Auditor. The last eight audits have been clean, without any findings.

Our community expressed their confidence in our facilities renovation program by passing three construction bonds and one tech bond, enabling us to bring our high schools to 21st century standards.

We still have much more to do. The “Achievement Gap” remains a challenge. We must strive to create a meaningful education system that assures that each student graduates, prepared for college and career, empowered to transform their lives and thrive in a global society.

With your support, I pledge to continue to listen to parents, teachers, students and administrators and work together to align decisions to create safe, dynamic and relevant learning environments that inspire critical thinking, problem solving and innovation.

I ask for your vote this November to return to the East Side Union High School District Board. With your help we can continue to make a difference.




Frank Biehl

Governing Board Member

East Side Union High School District

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